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  • Woodtrimmer
    WoodtrimmerNew RVillagers Group:
    December 7, 2019Hello
    I'm new to the towable rv world and seeking experienced advice from folks with mountain travel trailer towing on back roads with significant inclines.
    This advice is appreciated and respected,but also to educate me as to which style TT I should inv...  more
    • Woodtrimmer
      SouthParkSteve December 7, 2019 Well.....I'm no expert by any means (I just bought my first TT 6 years ago.....), but I live at nearly 11,000 feet above sea level, 3 miles outside of a town of 180 people, and 2 miles from the nearest paved road in the Central Rockies of Colorado, so alm...  more
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      • Woodtrimmer
        Woodtrimmer December 7, 2019 Steve thanx for your input and suggestions. I am familiar with mountain driving and pulling trailers,but have considerations of accessing my land in the Sangre de Christo mountains @ 9000ft. I do understand weight and ratings,plus con...  more
    • Woodtrimmer
      Dennis & Lorece Hogeweide December 7, 2019 Just to add my two cents. I would never tow in those conditions without four wheel drive. Just saying.
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      • Woodtrimmer
        Woodtrimmer December 8, 2019 Duly noted..but this one distance of maybe 50yds doesnt warrant 4wd for me when i live in flat prairie land 600 miles away from my property.

        My main concern is the travel trailer clearance and axle position to benefit the grade conditions.
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