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  • Allagash Jody
    Allagash JodyEscapees RV Club:
    December 11, 2019Okay still trying to figure out my heating situation. People have suggested ceramic electric heaters. If you use one, how much does it add to your monthly electric bill? What make and model do you recommend?
    I have a 31 foot motorhome, staying iN NM
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    • Allagash Jody
      John Corky Tadlock December 11, 2019 I bought a Dyson Hot + Cold when one of my furnaces stopped working. It heats safely, quietly and well. I do not know how much it adds to an electric bill because I am typically staying just a couple weeks per stop and do not have separate electric bills ...  more
    • Allagash Jody
      cruisin66 December 11, 2019 Another well made heater is the Vornado. Thermostat controlled and circulates heat well.
    • Allagash Jody
      HerbNKathyRV December 11, 2019
    • Allagash Jody
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) December 11, 2019 This $50 heater.  , is what we use and got from Wal-Mart, it is called a Lasko Digital Ceramic Heater.  It only handles about half  of our 40' motorhome, so we wou...  more
    • Allagash Jody
      Allagash Jody December 11, 2019 Thanks this very helpful!!!
    • Allagash Jody
      Laura Smith December 12, 2019 I think what you need, with having your concern r/t electrical consumption is a Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater. It runs on propane, I've heard nothing but good stuff about them. I have a small Honeywell portable heater I got at Target at the end of winte...  more
    • Allagash Jody
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) December 14, 2019 Making heat from propane is generally more efficient than making it from electricity, but propane also costs money.  Catalytic heaters (which run on propane) do not (technically) have a flame, so many folks consider them safer.  However, any hea...  more
    • Allagash Jody
      Bobalooy08 December 14, 2019 Bruce & Linda,  
      Yes, that is one of the major warnings on this unit I have, Requires at least 24 Sq in of open window, and they also suggest a  roof vert open about 2" up hi in order to get enough air intake and good circulation.
    • Allagash Jody
      Jan and Roger December 14, 2019 We use an oil filled electric radiator space heater..much quieter than the small electric space heater we were using
    • Allagash Jody
      Jim & Sharon Ham December 15, 2019 The story today in RVTravel newsletter about the death of a man from a propane Mr. Heater portable unit would make us wary of using any unvented gas heater in our RV.  Here is the URL for any that want to read the story:  more
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      • Allagash Jody
        Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) December 15, 2019 An electric space heater can cause a fire, especially if the tip over protection has been defeated or it is close to something flammable like curtains or furniture.  You still have to use some common sense with electric heat, just like a propane heat...  more
    • Allagash Jody
      Bobalooy08 December 15, 2019 Just adding to this issue of a catalytic heater, I am pretty careful where it sits, making sure there is at least one window is open about 4", and the bathroom roof vent is open a little. Never run the heater  after  going to bed, and I have an ...  more
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