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  • Cinn
    Cinn Boondockers:
    December 18, 2019What's the worst road you've ever driven on to get to a boondocking spot? Include photos if you have them! This was in Hurricane, UT.
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    • Cinn
      Kay and Russ Wallace December 18, 2019 Apparently it was a lot worse before it dried up. 😎😎😎
    • Cinn
      Kay and Russ Wallace December 18, 2019 The worst road we were on was in the Bulldog Canyon OHV Area of the Tonto Forest near Mesa Arizona. I wiped out our front stabilizers.
    • Cinn
      Le Nomade December 18, 2019 I have survived the 389 in Quebec during a storm. Mud, gravel and wash board for +/- 150 miles.
      But yours ain’t looking any better.
      Great driver you are.
    • Cinn
      smithpv December 18, 2019 I would not go down that road.
    • Cinn
      Le Nomade December 18, 2019 And wasn’t for a boondocking trip, that’s the only road to Labrador city.
      It is not that extreme everyday but I can imagine in a winter storm.
    • Cinn
      Le Nomade December 18, 2019 Was fun finally.
    • Cinn
      Steve&Tina December 18, 2019 Good job Cinn. What an adventure. You got guts. About 35 years ago I went hunting with a 14 ft pull behind and an old chevy 4 wd pickup. I turned left into what we thought was a cleared area for camping. It Wasn't. 8 in of snow and a 45 degree down into a...  more
    • Cinn
      SunnyVictoria December 18, 2019 😳
    • Cinn
      Beans and I on the Loose December 18, 2019 The worst for me (and there have been quite a few) are single track roads I've committed myself ( and at times I think I should be) driving in on only to discover there is no place to turn a small class C around when I've decided I've gone far enough or c...  more
    • Cinn
      Jim & Sharon Ham December 18, 2019 We ran into a few of those roads in Iowa where the road has a posted sign that is "not maintained" and we could agree from our windshield view.  Driving a 33 ft with a toad, we always wonder what will happen next.  Will there be a place to turn ...  more
    • Cinn
      Suzan and Art December 18, 2019 The worst road we experienced was 17 miles of very bumpy road that used to lead to Chaco National Monument.  The last time we went there, 3 years ago, the road was much improved and only the a few miles were bad.  Some had been paved, and some m...  more
    • Cinn
      TheClearyClan December 18, 2019 That's why there's Google Earth. "Fly" over the road before driving the road.

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      • Cinn
        Cinn December 19, 2019 Unfortunately, Google Earth is not real-time. Satellite view may not have the most current snapshot, say after a rainy spring. It may have photos from the previous autumn - not particularly helpful. Roads like these can really change from season to season.
      • Cinn
        TheClearyClan December 20, 2019 Cinn, It sounds like Google Earth would help you. You already know that dirt roads can change with rain or snow melt. I also know of some white knuckle roads that Google did not drive on to take pictures and the roads are covered with trees and not visibl...  more
    • Cinn
      Patte M December 18, 2019 Oh my! that looks dangerous.
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      • Cinn
        Cinn December 19, 2019 When I drove back out, I stayed on the left side of the road - same side as going in, and hoped that no one would be coming down!! The campsite and views made it worth the white-knuckle drive.
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