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  • Marv.
    Marv.Full Time RVers:
    December 23, 2019We are planning on a trip to Alaska next summer, a question for anyone that's already went,1 is 3 months long enough, and would you reserve all your campgrounds this winter in advance or make them as you go.thanks for any info in advance.
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    • Marv.
      Wayne & Keith December 23, 2019 We are going to follow your post since that is our 2021 plan
    • Marv.
      John and Rocki December 23, 2019 Hello! We’ve made the trip far ( 2016 and 2019). We plan to make the trip again in 2021. You can see and do a lot in 3 months. The best time, weather-wise, to go is Memorial Day to Labor Day, otherwise you might get caught up in snow. As ...  more
    • Marv.
      Kevin/Yvonne & 4 Doxies December 23, 2019 We only reserved places like inside Denali, otherwise we just winged it. Definitely 3 months stay, possibly longer depending on what you like. 🤠😎🙂
    • Marv.
      Dennis & Lorece Hogeweide December 23, 2019 Look on utube for keep your day dream. One of their episodes they went to Alaska might give you some insight into the trip.
    • Marv.
      Cinn December 23, 2019 There are lots of groups on here related to Alaska travel:
    • Marv.
      BB&LAB December 23, 2019 We are also going in June for the first time, but consider Alaska is a huge state so you could spend a life time there and not see it all, so I suspect devote as much time as you have and fit the place you most want to see. Hopefully more experienced fol...  more
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      • Marv.
        John & Diana December 23, 2019 Big state overall but only a fraction accessible.
        Three months is plenty.
        Make reservations for Denali and the Homer Spit.
        Wing it everywhere else.
        You'll have no trouble.
    • Marv.
      Jim Jean & JC December 23, 2019 It's a great trip but keep in mind that fuel is VERY expensive!
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