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  • norm and sue and heidi too
    norm and sue and heidi too PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR RV:
    December 24, 2019would like to get ideas for what everyone does when a storm is headed towards your campsite when you are boondocking. do you ride it out or head to shelter else where. just wondering as we just got our 5th wheel back from 25,000 repair from a f3 tornado. ...  more
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    • norm and sue and heidi too
      norm and sue and heidi too December 24, 2019 thank you for the advice. i agree with seeking shelter. we have been caught in straight line winds at a campground in osceola iowa. came rolling in the middle of the night. our tt was facing into the wind and all it did was move it about 18 inches and ben...  more
    • norm and sue and heidi too
      Bruce Reinhart December 24, 2019 We were in a severe thunderstorm earlier this year and the campground had all the campers move to a shelter that had a basement. I’d look for other shelter rather than “ride it out” in our trailer.
    • norm and sue and heidi too
      Canadian Hellie December 25, 2019 Merry Christmas to you all!  I've never experienced anything such as you people talk about.  We do listen to the radio, mostly for weather updates and if a storm is coming, we relocate.  Once in Newfoundland (our first time there), we wante...  more
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    • norm and sue and heidi too
      Trailerite December 25, 2019 Had a couple scary wind events in Newfoundland.
    • norm and sue and heidi too
      Ray & Ann December 28, 2019 Depends on where you are, we had a tornado warning one night but in the dark you might be running into it instead of away :(
    • norm and sue and heidi too
      Trailerite December 28, 2019 Years ago while traveling in Wisconsin (prior to our RV) the radio told us to seek shelter immediately for a tornado warning. We pulled into the first driveway we came to and knocked on the door. These folks opened their home to an out-of-state family o...  more