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Feed Post

  • Marianne and Randy
    December 29, 2019Is everyone aware that storage compartments that are accessed from outside on RVs are often keyed alike? In most campgrounds, a good many other RVs can be opened with the same key as yours. And anyone can buy or order new keys by knowing the part number -...  more
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    • Marianne and Randy
      TheClearyClan December 29, 2019 Our storage compartment key for our Gulfstream motorhome is the same as our daughter's Coachman travel trailer.

    • Marianne and Randy
      Aguirres' Adventures December 29, 2019 We were just discussing switching out our locks since we discovered that one compartment isn't even staying closed! Thanks for the post!
    • Marianne and Randy
      AZRickey December 29, 2019 Yes I found that out. Same lock on all RV of the same manufacturer. I missed placed the key so I when to the hardware store and ask to have one cut. The salesperson looked at the key reach over to the rack and handed me a key. I asked don't you need t...  more
    • Marianne and Randy
      Ray & Ann December 30, 2019 The tech who did our purchase walk around pointed that out! I just replaced all of ours with barrel locks, I had two non locking latches that were getting hard to open and used the old locks for them so some compartments need two keys now.
    • Marianne and Randy
      Steve & Diane December 30, 2019 We replaced our door lock with a combo lock (also had a key for the combo lock) from RVLock.  Loved it.  Never had to leave rig unlocked when spouse was out / never had to worry about locking spouse out.  Kept spare key (in case battery in ...  more
    • Marianne and Randy
      Gndil(George &Tina) December 30, 2019 Does this also mean the entry doors are keyed alike?
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      • Marianne and Randy
        Windychic December 30, 2019 Yes,
      • Marianne and Randy
        DigDugPDX December 31, 2019 Windychic, Not the Deadbolt.... Those are Unit Specific but the main lock is more like a master!
    • Marianne and Randy
      Susan M. Davis December 30, 2019 Did you know the door locks are the same as well. They usually put 2 locks on the door and assume the other people won't share both locks in common. We had our door lock by accident with keys inside and someone else used their key to unlock our door.
    • Marianne and Randy
      Mike & Cathi RVLiving December 30, 2019 Our door handle key could be used unlock rigs on the sales lot. Our deadbolt is another matter 
    • Marianne and Randy
      SunnyVictoria December 31, 2019 Yes, I changed out all of mine.
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