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  • Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal
    Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR RV:
    January 1, 2020Thinking about a remote controlled searchlight mounted on the roof. Anyone done it? Searchlight or floodlight? Just a lot more brightness than porch light, plus aims.
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    • Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal
      norm and sue and heidi too January 1, 2020 i would go with floodlight. it would light up a bigger area. easier and faster to find what you are looking for.  if you get one let me know how  it works. 
    • Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal
      Andy & Maureen T January 1, 2020 Generally, we do not use our porch light. Thinking of replacing it with an LED flood light fixture. Just remove the light fixture that is there. No holes in the roof, etc.
    • Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal
      Pat Shea Knoop January 1, 2020 Sounds like it would be Great foR Boondocking, just be sure you turn it off when you go to sleep, could be annoying to others if you have other RV’s around you
    • Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal
      Gypsy Witch and Persephone January 1, 2020 I've been thinking of purchasing the same. I'm a solo female nomad who travels with her 11 lbs dog. I think those lights are a great idea for anyone.
    • Irvin & Nancy just outside of normal
      TheClearyClan January 1, 2020 Add motion detection to your flood lights. They will turn on when something or someone gets close to the rig, but will be off any other time.

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    Roller Shades eliminate the problems associated with standard day and night pleated shades. The roller day shade offers excellent outward visibility, UV protection, and daytime privacy while the night roller shade was designed for unmatched privacy and complete light control for a window treatment that meets RV needs 24 hours a day.