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  • curt603
    curt603Solar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    January 12, 2020i Have 2008 Winnebago Adventurer 33V. I currently have 2- 12 Volt wet cell batteries with a parallex converter charger 7455T. Will this work with Lithium batteries, or would it cause damage to the batteries.
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    • curt603
      Wncol January 12, 2020 From what I understand, I’m thinking yes but only if they are not smart batteries like battleborn.  
    • curt603
      Seann (the Canadian) January 12, 2020 You will have to adjust the charge rate down a bit to , I THINK, a max rate of 13.6
    • curt603
      XC2 January 12, 2020 I don't know anything about your charger, but a quick google search seems to indicate the inability to choose the battery types and/or program a custom charge profile. As a person who is learning about LiFePO4, I have found they differ from lead acid ...  more
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    • curt603
      Dave and Terry Clayton January 12, 2020 Looks like an older non Smart converter. It needs to have the ability to set charge profile for Lithium. Diesn’t look like this one can. Lithium can take high charge rate; usually at 1C or if 100 Ah battery can take 100amp charge rate. Also Lithium ca...  more
    • curt603
      John T January 12, 2020 Curt, if you're going to invest in expensive Lithium batteries, it is my best engineering advice DO NOT RISK damage or voiding any warranty by subjecting them to potentially non approved charging parameters !!! Lithium are more particular to cha...  more
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      • curt603
        HuJen & 7 January 13, 2020 JT, some good advice there. :)
      • curt603
        curt603 January 13, 2020 good advice thanks John
      • curt603
        TarHeels January 14, 2020 Yea if your going to spend thousands of dollars on batteries then I’d be smart and get some help.
    • curt603
      red951 January 12, 2020 I had a similar question and contacted Battleborn. Here is the response I received: If that is the case I would recommend getting this converter below.   It will constantly be at 13.6v and then you ...  more
    • curt603
      curt603 January 13, 2020 thank you
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