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  • Barbara Davis Ferrell
    Barbara Davis FerrellRV Pets:
    January 17, 2020NEED ADVICE....So I will be taking my "madien voyage " in April in my Class A. I have 110lb Albino Doberman we are going to El Paso, Az and Ut. How do you handle going sightseeing and leaving your dog in your RV. ??
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    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      Jan Hare January 17, 2020 We travel a lot with our large dogs. When we have to leave them in the RV, they are crated. We have a MarCELL that will text us if the temperature goes out of range (we set the highest and lowest parameter) or if the power goes off. We also have a WiFi ca...  more
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      • Barbara Davis Ferrell
        Paynerv January 17, 2020 That's the kind of set up, we need. So far we have only done weekend camping trips. If we leave the camper for 2 - 4 hours we leave a camper card I made on vista print that has a picture of our camper, with a place to list the site number, and both of our...  more
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      ianschneiderman January 17, 2020 We have used in many cities. We look for folks who have a lot of reviews and repeat customers, have dogs and a fenced yard. It has worked well.
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      Chris and Sabrina January 17, 2020 We always leave the ac going and a big bowl of water we have a dog and two cats. We usually always try to take the dog we have a golden retriever! But it’s also always a good idea to find someone you trust at the campground to check in on your furry fr...  more
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      campingcoopers January 17, 2020 Hi, we also use the cameras when traveling with our dog, however, when we are in a place for about a week, we will check local vets and ask if the will do “doggy day care”. It works great so we can check the local points of interest that he couldn’t get i...  more
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      Doberman man January 17, 2020 Our Dobes are crated...I always crate from day 1..
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      • Barbara Davis Ferrell
        Barbara Davis Ferrell January 18, 2020 When I rescued Diesel he never even saw a crate. So that will be a challenge he will need to overcome. He is a velcro dog. He is use to being seatbelted however.
      • Barbara Davis Ferrell
        GuardianEagle January 20, 2020 I had a steel crate built into my RV. Fabricated from 1 inch box steel with powder coat. My 10 month old Boxer service dog needs a safe place I can leave him on occasion. Most of the time the door is off and he comes and goes as he pleases, but I can't ha...  more
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      Charlie n Carolyn January 19, 2020 We greatly recommend the MarCell system. It gives us peace of mind about the temperature in the motorhome. We also leave on the television to mask as much as possible outside noise. 
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      Mark & Anneliese (Hicks At Home) January 19, 2020 Barbara, have him registered as a service dog, as big as he is, then you can take him with you...
      Hello from Chesterfield to you in Richmond.
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      • Barbara Davis Ferrell
        GuardianEagle January 20, 2020 Registration is not required.
      • Barbara Davis Ferrell
        Jmdumont January 31, 2020 How do you register them as service dogs?
      • Barbara Davis Ferrell
        GuardianEagle February 1, 2020 Registration is not required by the Americans with disabilities act of 1990. You must be disabled, as defined by ADA, the dog must perform a function to assist with your disability, and the dog can go with you anywhere you are allowed to go, as long as yo...  more
    • Barbara Davis Ferrell
      GuardianEagle January 20, 2020 Boss Dawg approves
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