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  • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
    NurseKate & BeerSteinBob RV Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration:
    January 20, 2020HELP! Looking to find information on the air conditioner for a 1999 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 34CG. Looking to replace it, but not sure what size the opening is and if we would need some sort of adapter for the electrical connection.
    Also which brand air...  more
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    • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
      Denise Washington January 20, 2020 Most rooftop RV units use the standard opening and are 120 volt. The only thing that may be an issue is if you have a wall thermostat controlling the AC unit. There are many different kinds of thermostat controls. If your unit has the thermostat on the un...  more
    • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
      L.D.Clark January 20, 2020 Most opening for air conditioners and roof vents are 14”x14” that’s pretty standard 😊
    • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
      Grey Wolf travels January 20, 2020 Check out campervan Kevin's page he installed a split unit that has heat and cool
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      • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
        Ray & Ann January 21, 2020 I saw that before and is the way I'll go, so much quieter than our roof top AC
      • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
        John & Diana January 21, 2020 This inquiring mind would like to know more.
        What is this split unit called and will it replace the present A/C unit?
    • NurseKate & BeerSteinBob
      John & Diana January 21, 2020 Advent is a knockoff brand of Dometic, well built, reliable and less expensive.
      I paid $499 for a 15000 BTU unit.
      You need to have it installed by knowledgeable people... it's heavy.
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