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  • CaptLawrence
    January 21I’m about to be on the road again. Does anyone have a resource, preferably an atlas, of all federal lands for boondocking?
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    • CaptLawrence
      rick&dee January 21 If you find one let me know. The BLM web site is not very helpfull
    • CaptLawrence
      J. Scott and Candice January 21 I know of none in print or online. I bought a 2020 atlas that touted a complete guide to all 60 National Parks and learned soon after one or more parks have been added. Allstays is my favorite one stop source for such info and doesn't take up shelf or memory space.
    • CaptLawrence
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) January 21 US Public Lands, available in the iTunes store for iOS devices.
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      • CaptLawrence
        Serenity 2000 January 21 If this is the one I bought, the one by the Technonadia folks, it isn't being updated.
      • CaptLawrence
        Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) January 21 Yes, that’s the one.  And yes, they do update it; just not very often.  But then, lands managed by the Federal government don’t change that often either.
    • CaptLawrence
      CleverMonkey January 21 My goto for a boondock spot is usually the atlas of usgs topo maps published by USGS and bound volume by state. These are available electronically also. They show just about all fed, state, tribal boundaries as well as a lot of locations that dont make th...  more
    • CaptLawrence
      John And Debbie Maxson January 21 We just arrived in Yuma and are going to BLM office today to get some information. Not sure if it will help , thought they might have maps of area. Will let you know what happens
    • CaptLawrence
      Robbie & Alice January 21 Suggest Benchmark maps.  They are sold for individual states in the west.  They are fantastic for showing all lands, very precise, easy to find locations.  Here is an example of Arizona.  more
    • CaptLawrence
      Cinn January 21 This website and app seems to have it all: The Ultimate Public Campgrounds Project:
      Constantly updated, too.
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      • CaptLawrence
        rick&dee January 21 Thanks Cinn good app
    • CaptLawrence
      John And Debbie Maxson January 21 Don’t know where you are heading but. The BLM office in Yuma has a lot of site information . Maps are $4.00. I would think most states with abundant BLM land has an office there.
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