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  • TeriGregRW
    TeriGregRW 5th Wheel RV's:
    January 27, 2020Mattress measurements....
    So our 5th has a king bed. King bed sheets fit it except the sheets are made for thicker mattresses. Anyway, looking to replace the mattress that we were told was a king and could be replaced with any king mattress. Only when I ...  more
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    • TeriGregRW
      Joan & David Ransier January 27, 2020 I can't remember the dimensions of our "king" mattress, but it isn't a residential king. RV King is slightly different. We replaced ours with an "Olympic King" from Wilderness RV Mattress. Sheet sizes are close enough to work. Love our new mattress!
    • TeriGregRW
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) January 27, 2020 We replaced our king with a Casper King. Our king sheets fit fine.
    • TeriGregRW
      RVenture Awaits January 28, 2020 The King mattress in our 5th wheel is 72”x80”. We use the sheets from Target that have the extra elastic in them. We also have a 3” topper on it. That helps too.
    • TeriGregRW
      Bill&Doralene January 28, 2020 In an RV most king beds are what is call a California king. It is different size than most used in a house. They also make sheets to fit but are not easy to find. I order sheets for my RV.
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      • TeriGregRW
        BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) January 28, 2020 When we lived in a house, we had a Cal. King. That is different then the king we have in our RV. Ours was much wider then one we have now. Couldn’t get Cal. King in our RV bedroom
      • TeriGregRW
        Tammtamm February 5, 2020 Target has California king
    • TeriGregRW
      Rick & Lil January 28, 2020 "RV" King mattresses are 72"X 80". We were able to replace ours with a residential 76" X 80" because we had the room on the sides. It looks like you may not so, special ordering may be your only source to get a quality RV mattress. But then, that's hard t...  more
    • TeriGregRW
      Wingrider54 January 30, 2020 Went through this with a previous RV. Most RV mattresses are smaller than their residential counterparts, but larger than the next size down. Extremely difficult to find sheets, blankets, etc. that fit properly. Good luck.
    • TeriGregRW
      TeriGregRW February 5, 2020 Ok, so we bought an RV king from a great place in the Yuma Foothills. The company that makes them is in AZ. They make a regular king and cut it down to the right size. It feels like the mattress we had in S&B. So happy and sleeping much better. Thanks for...  more
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