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  • Robbie & Alice
    Robbie & Alice Tiffin Owners:
    January 29, 2020Anyone replaced the Furnace/Air Conditioner Thermostats for the heat pump? I dislike these RV Comfort.HP ones that came with the unit.
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    • Robbie & Alice
      Randy and Janet January 29, 2020 When our #3 Thermostat started acting badly, we decided to replace it.  I researched and found thermostats that you can operate through bluetooth on your phone or ipad.I first went to AirXcel and took the thermostat number off the back and looked up ...  more
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      • Robbie & Alice
        Randy and Janet January 29, 2020 Here is the screen on my phone.
    • Robbie & Alice
      Robbie & Alice January 30, 2020 Thank you, that looks very promising!
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