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  • LassenDogRaiser
    LassenDogRaiserRV Nomads:
    February 6, 2020appreciated. Question for the group. I have seen click amongst the full timers and I do not even have my home on wheels yet. When I her the term Nomads it seems to me that it is more often referring to folks in a van or some small motorized type of camp...  more
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    • LassenDogRaiser
      Ed of AZ February 6, 2020 In my book nomad refers to those with no home base rather than the type of vehicle. Smaller vehicles are just able get into more places. Some nomads work by moving from city to city, or rv park to rv park, rarely seeing much nature beyond the interstate. ...  more
    • LassenDogRaiser
      Steve&Tina February 6, 2020 The nice thing about Rvillage it is not Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook or all the other cliquish social media sites. We are one great big happy family and we subdivide into groups of interest of which you can join any. In most campgrounds you will find utility ...  more
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    • LassenDogRaiser
      Rollin'inGrace February 6, 2020 I agree with Ed from Az. Nomads are travelers, wanderers. We're on the road, or parked temporarily, fulltime. I haven't seen cliques based on being fulltimers as much as I have based on the type of motorhome. Regardless, don't let anyone run you off or d...  more
    • LassenDogRaiser
      FlamingoMoon Campers February 6, 2020 NOMAD - Navigator, Operator, Maintainer, and Driver :)
    • LassenDogRaiser
      Beans and I on the Loose February 6, 2020 Let me add to the most excellent responses you have already received here, I’ve come across several nomads doing so living in a converted horse trailer. You’ll fit right in perfectly.
    • LassenDogRaiser
      LassenDogRaiser February 6, 2020 Wow thank you all. This is reassuring to say the least.
    • LassenDogRaiser
      CasperNomad February 7, 2020 One of the best things about the nomad lifestyle is that is doesn't matter the vehicle.
      Nomads are the greatest people.
    • LassenDogRaiser
      Andy F February 9, 2020 Why is a label important to you? Just go live your life. Whether that makes you a nomad, vagabond, gypsy or homeless bum, what's the difference?
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      • LassenDogRaiser
        LassenDogRaiser February 11, 2020 It makes no difference to me what anyone think, says or does. I simply am trying to learn so I do not offend others.
    • LassenDogRaiser
      Marie12 May 22, 2020 And that is well said also. :)  Good looking dog you have there.  
    • LassenDogRaiser
      Jp2001 September 6, 2020 I'm very new to this website so here is just my very humble opinion and I may very well be mistaken. I think you hear more more nomads having small rigs because it's more fuel efficient (you can double the fuel efficiency of some bigger rigs ...  more
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