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  • Gypsy Lass
    Gypsy LassThousand Trails:
    February 9, 2020Hi all to the the parks allow you to have your traveling mail forwarded to their address? Not every item will be scannable and I will need the mail sent to me etc. thanks for the input!
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    • Gypsy Lass
      Jeff and Tena Niblett February 9, 2020 Hello, most parks will not allow anything but packages. Some charge fees for packages or will not even allow packages. However, where ever you are, if you contact the post office, most will accept General Delivery, or at least one of the post offices in t...  more
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    • Gypsy Lass
      DoggyDaddy February 9, 2020 Alway call the T-T Campground ahead and ask.
      If you select General Delivery at a Post Office, always call ahead to check if they accept GD delivery, not all do.
      If you choose UPS, you can select to pick up at their distribution center.
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      • Gypsy Lass
        Gypsy Lass February 9, 2020 Excellent! Thank you
    • Gypsy Lass
      JoeTheComputerguy February 9, 2020 Depends what you mean by forwarded. If you mean you have a mail service like Escapees and they hold it and send it at your request then some parks allow that, some charge $2, 4, 5 per package. Some do not allow mail or packages at all. If you mean filing ...  more
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      • Gypsy Lass
        Gypsy Lass February 9, 2020 Thanks and yes just talking about mail service not USPS I think general delivery is what I’m looking for assuming of course the park I’m at doesn’t allow mail to come to their address. Thanks!
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