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  • AZRickey
    AZRickey Thousand Trails:
    February 9, 2020Don't use the postal system. Here's what happened to us, I called the local post office and no one ever answered so I called the district office and was told the local office will except general delivery mail. So I had a priority mail box send to the Orla...  more
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    • AZRickey
      JoeTheComputerguy February 9, 2020 BEWARE, some TT parks do NOT accept packages.
      Some only accept medications that are mailed.
      MANY charge up to $5 per package.
      Caveat Emptor
      Call the CG to check what their policy is!
    • AZRickey
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) February 9, 2020 My experience is that most TT parks that do not accept mail tell you which post office to send General Delivery in the paperwork they give you.
    • AZRickey
      Gypsy Lass February 9, 2020 Oh wow! I thot GD sounded like the answer but I’m gathering this is more complex than anticipated....thank you for the feedback
    • AZRickey
      AZRickey February 9, 2020 Let's not confuse priority packages and first class mail. TT does not except first class mail, but they do except priority packages. In the last 5 years I stayed at 29 parks in 24 states some of the parks a multiple times.
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      • AZRickey
        JoeTheComputerguy February 9, 2020 FYI, I stay about 300 nights a year in TT parks. Been doing so for the past three years. I did a survey on another social media site in a TT group and gathered the collective experiences of over ten thousand  TT members. These TT CGs not NOT allow pa...  more
    • AZRickey
      AZRickey February 9, 2020 You win can't I can't argue with social media!
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