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  • The Atkinsons
    The AtkinsonsRV Repair Club:
    February 15, 2020Help! Our heater will not turn off! Has been on for 4 days straight, and not because of the weather. We've tried everything, short of turning off the propane. It's a 2019 Forest River Flagstaff Classic. We've flipped all the breakers, we've turned the hea...  more
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    • The Atkinsons
      Unreal Nomad February 15, 2020 Turn off propane. Then do not start Hester. It is a fire hazard now. Get fixed right away if you want to continue to use it.
    • The Atkinsons
      Jenna & The ZARGON February 15, 2020 YES!  Turn OFF the Propane!!!  The heater probably runs off the 12 volt system in your RV.  Disconnect the Battery also till you can find out where to disconnect the power to the unit.  Get a space heater, preferably electric, if you n...  more
    • The Atkinsons
      Jenna & The ZARGON February 15, 2020 The last thing you want is for that trailer to go up like a marshmallow in a campfire!!!
      However; after 4 days on 24/7 I think you might be almost out of propane anyway?
    • The Atkinsons
      Unreal Nomad February 15, 2020 Mmmmm... Marshmallows!!!!!....
    • The Atkinsons
      Packratphyls February 15, 2020 Yes turn off propane disconnect propane tank. We had a propane link and it was from the line going to refrigerator. Electrical sparks can blow up . If new call your warranty company and find out procedure and if covered or dealer covers it on their pur...  more
    • The Atkinsons
      Stuart & Patti February 15, 2020 Check thermostat to see if it has a off switch to turn off the power. Off with propane. Then check the wires to make sure they haven't been exposed to heat and caused a short.pull cover off tstat and check contacts are opening and closing with movement o...  more
    • The Atkinsons
      Bob & Rene February 15, 2020 Disconnect all the wires from the thermostat. I believe your thermostat is the problem. It is the brain calls for heat then when temp is reached it shuts the system down
    • The Atkinsons
      Andy & Maureen T February 15, 2020 pull the fuse, and shut off the propane.
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      • The Atkinsons
        The Atkinsons February 15, 2020 Thank you all for your help! We disconnected the shore power and the battery. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then turned it back on. No heater now! Thank you all for your advice!
    • The Atkinsons
      JLF February 15, 2020 Since you have the furnace shut down now, and you are no longer under stress, you should look for the furnace fuse in your distribution panel.  Furnace operates solely on 12 volt so protected by a fuse, and not on any 120 volt circuit breaker.  ...  more
    • The Atkinsons
      Jim & Sharon Ham February 15, 2020 We agree with JLF, the simple solution is to pull the furnace fuse since it cannot operate without 12 volts for the fan and ignitor board.  We would also turn off the propane just to be sure the internal gas valve does not get stuck open.  The p...  more
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