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  • GoatFeathers
    GoatFeathersRV Education 101:
    February 20, 2020I’m having trouble figuring out something basic. I’m currently shopping for a small to mid size travel trailer. I very frequently see “easily pulled with an SUV” or “previous owner pulled with their SUV” In the ads.
    I have looked up the weight of every ...  more
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    • GoatFeathers
      SouthParkSteve February 20, 2020 Most SUVs cannot tow anything more than perhaps a pop-up trailer.  Don't believe those ads. I have a Ford F150 with the tow package, and my max towing WITH the proper equipment is 9500 pounds.  I live in the mountains, so I tend to be more conse...  more
    • GoatFeathers
      Andy & Maureen T February 21, 2020 Be Careful...What others use to pull their units are probably incorrect. Do your research first. Don't go by what others say.
    • GoatFeathers
      Alice Nelson Robinson February 21, 2020 I had a toyota 4 runner and it towed my boat 2800lbs, and my old Jayco swift light 2800 lbs, but not really safe, so I bought a chevy truck 1/2 ton so it can tow 6000lbs, I now own a Jayco hummingbird 3500 lbs. I wish I would have bought a 1 ton truck, re...  more
    • GoatFeathers
      SampsonSquad February 21, 2020 You might look at larger size SUV's like the Expedition or Suburban. Those normally have higher tow capabilities near what an F150 can tow. For example:
    • GoatFeathers
      Jim & Sharon Ham February 21, 2020 We towed one of the small fiberglass lightweight "egg"-shaped travel trailers with a Chrysler minivan with factory tow package rated to tow 3600 pounds.  It worked OK, but it was no speedster, even on the flat lands of the Midwest.  Wind resista...  more
    • GoatFeathers
      Laura (The Only One) February 21, 2020 I had a hard time fully understanding the tow capacity on vehicles until I went to buy a truck to tow my travel trailer. Even then the salesman at the Fird dealer confused me. They almost had me talked into a truck that didn’t have enough tow capacity. Un...  more
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      • GoatFeathers
        Randy&Althea February 21, 2020 Yes what said they should now.
    • GoatFeathers
      Dave & Joyce - AZ Mountaineers February 22, 2020 I had a 3400 lb. coachman that was loaded to about 4,100 lbs. I was was duped by the Hyundai dealer in Phoenix into buying a Santa Fe which he said would pull 5,500 lbs safely. After 4 trips of 300 miles or less across 2 mountains it blew the Transmission...  more
    • GoatFeathers
      Dave & Joyce - AZ Mountaineers February 22, 2020 OR a Jeep with a diesel will pull 7,200 lbs
    • GoatFeathers
      Kevin Greniger August 26, 2020 i am a 33 year car sales person from Minnesota . see alot of people come through the store with wild eyes wanting to save money . Always buy more tow rig than you need. if you are thinking a 3500 dry weight camper . instead look at the gvw. my guess is th...  more
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