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  • Thom and Laurie Millane
    Thom and Laurie MillaneWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    February 21, 2020We have an older camper van with a 3 way refrigerator. We have always run it off the battery or elec. never propane. I'm not even sure if there is something special we have to do to use the propane? Can anyone tell me how I can test it to make sure its safe?
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    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      George and Sally February 21, 2020 I would have an RV Tech check the chimney and the propane lines and gas orface and ignition.
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      • Thom and Laurie Millane
        Arlene Rodriguez February 23, 2020 totally agree with "professional intervention" when it comes to propane...stinkin' spider made a tiny but problematic web in the heater system of one of our past campers, but we never figured out why we couldn't make it work...found a pro who came to our ...  more
    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      Bandit455 February 21, 2020 My parents had a pop up camper with a 3 way fridge in the early/mid 70’s. There was a small sight glass inside the door, maybe on the bottom edge where you could see a glow from the pilot light in propane mode. If I recall, this was not a DSI set up and y...  more
    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      sjHawk February 21, 2020 you can make a spray of soapy water/spray on fittings/look for bubbles for a gas leak..also you have to keep the tube cleaned out over the pilot ,it gets sooty and can block it,we had a seville,worked great on
    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      Art February 21, 2020 For anyone who uses propane and has to hook or unhook you should have a flammable gas sniffer. They are relatively cheap on Amazon. A lot safer way to check than the soapy water spray.
    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      Tami and Barry February 22, 2020 Ours is a two way Elec or gas, it was ready to go, we just put it on auto and it chose gas when electric wasn’t available. It’s great, if the electric goes out, gas kicks in.
    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      ImmortalSoFar February 22, 2020 Depending on the fridge, you might have to hold in a button while it lights until the thermo-coupler registers that the flame is there. There might be a window where you can see the flame or an indicator light. If you let go too early, it could decide tha...  more
    • Thom and Laurie Millane
      Jim & Sharon Ham February 22, 2020 We have not seen a 3 way frig in years.  The 12 volt was a heavy drain, but worked well when the motorhome engine was running down the highway. Since it is old, a good cleaning of the gas burner area and metal exhaust stack in t...  more
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