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  • Knox Wolf
    Knox WolfSolar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    February 27, 2020What amp battery ccharge controller do I need for 700 watts?
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    • Knox Wolf
      JLF February 27, 2020 Divide by battery voltage.  More than 58 amps for 12 volt, more than 29 amps for 24 volts.  Another spec to watch is max input specs particularly panel watts and panel open circuit volts.
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      • Knox Wolf
        XC2 February 27, 2020 Great answer!

        Knox - what is the voltage of your PVs and do you run them in parallel or series?
    • Knox Wolf
      Dave and Terry Clayton February 27, 2020 60 amp minimum as you will never see the maximum output from the panels in real life situations.
    • Knox Wolf
      AZRickey February 27, 2020 The other thing to think about is, do you think you will add any more planals? If yes plan for the addisional planals.
    • Knox Wolf
      Stuart & Patti February 27, 2020 Get a outback flexmax 80 and have room to grow if you ever do
    • Knox Wolf
      John T February 27, 2020 Knox, the answer DEPENDS. Lets do some basic math ifffffffffffff you're charging a 12 volt battery bank: 1) 700 Watts at 12.6 (a full charged 12 volt battery) volts would = 55 Amps 2) 700 Watts at lets us...  more
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      • Knox Wolf
        GlenM February 28, 2020 All this math gives me a headache 😫
    • Knox Wolf
      John T February 29, 2020 Glen, you post "All this math gives me a headache 😫 "  You "don't need no stinking math" I did that for you to illustrate why I recommended at least a 60 Amp Solar Charge Controller, you're good to go lol ...  more
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