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  • smithpv
    smithpvNew RVillagers Group:
    March 1, 2020Is Escapees RV Club one that I need to join. I am having trouble determining if they have enough park s that offer discounts. Any other benefits that people have found?
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    • smithpv
      Cinn March 1, 2020 The Escapees club has LOTS of other benefits besides RV park discounts. :) Also join Passport America for significant savings on 1-3 days stays in RV parks all over the country:
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      • smithpv
        Tom & Laura Boden’s Adventures March 1, 2020 Don't forget to ask about a longer time then they have posted. Sometimes things are slow and they would rather have someone at half price then nothing. We have found a few that extend the saving benefit for two weeks , one for 10 days in Pigeon Forge, T...  more
    • smithpv
      Sam Scherf March 1, 2020 Tom and Laura, Escapees Resort usually have a LOT MORE activities going on that are of interest to RVers than most other membership RV parks. Jojoba Hills RV Resort (an Escapee Resort in southern California) has over 70 volunteer "committees" that not onl...  more
    • smithpv
      Tom & Laura Boden’s Adventures March 1, 2020 We will Thank You
    • smithpv
      Jennifer [ThxHarvey] March 2, 2020 And then there are the Escapees ice cream socials.... Just saying.
      One of the best reasons to join Escapees is that they actively advocate for RVers rights at the political level.
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