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    ATTN RVllagers - We are OPEN and have a place for you to land. 15% discount during the COVID-19 period. Use code: RVILLAGEC19 for nightly when paying online or calling to secure your spot. Call us for anything over 28 day reservations. 15% discount will also be honored. This is for new reservations only. 719-475-9450. Click here to reserve.
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  • John & Linda
    John & Linda Boondockers:
    March 16Quick question. I read that boondocking in the desert you might run into mice, snakes and other bad things. I've been in campgrounds and see that surround they rigs with lights which they say it help such animals away. What do you do to keep pest away fro...  more
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    • John & Linda
      Seann ( the Canadian) March 16 I have a couple of solar flood lights under the trailer works wonders to keep the mice out
    • John & Linda
      EXPLOREAZ March 16 If  snakes  seem to always find their way into your area,  keep  them  away  with ammonia.  Snakes  hate the smell and won't come near it. Soak rags in ammonia and place them in unsealed plastic bags. Leave ...  more
    • John & Linda
      DianaSD March 16 I was going to suggest the ammonia and lights tricks. Also peppermint oil under your hood (don’t drive off with it though). Rodents don’t like peppermint oil.
    • John & Linda
      Randy & Sheri March 16 We rely on Sparky the Wonder Dog. 
    • John & Linda
      Rojo Zoso March 16 I use some solar rope lights and open hood in day light to discourage them. Thats it.
    • John & Linda
    • John & Linda
      Dago62 March 17 Far more to worry about than a few rodents!
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