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  • Glen & Margie
    Glen & MargieRV Repair Club:
    March 16, 2020RVing this past week along Gulf Coast, both of our Air units quit cooling. Checked all the breakers and fuses which were good. Any ideas of what I may have missed?
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    • Glen & Margie
      Charles & Sharon March 16, 2020 Are you a 50A service or 30A?  It could be one phase does not have power if you are 50 a service.  Do you have both phases at the 50A breaker? Do you have power via the load shedding circuit at the circuit breaker(s) for the aircons?
    • Glen & Margie
      John T March 16, 2020 Glen, you say they both "quit cooling" I take it neither runs at all right ?????????? versus the fan may run but the compressor never kicks in to "cool"..That's a different problem, perhaps t stat or controls ?? Are these rooftop AC's or mini splits ...  more
    • Glen & Margie
      Glen & Margie March 18, 2020 50 amp,  roof air, one 15k one 13k , just returned home so will start checking everything. Fans come on and sounded like the compressors were starting also. Thanks for all the responses.
    • Glen & Margie
      John T March 19, 2020 Glen & Margie, thanks for the update, when you state "Fans come on and sounded like the compressors were starting also.' that sounds like its okay now provided they both go ahead and cool ????? Maybe there was a temporary power problem at the pedestal ?? ...  more
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