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  • John/Carolyn Thompson
    John/Carolyn ThompsonRaleigh Oaks RV & Cottage Resort:
    March 16Does anyone know of a mapping app that tells elevation changes? We are in north Carolina and will be driving west presumably across the Appalachians. I'd like to see how my route compares to others regarding steep grades.
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    • John/Carolyn Thompson
      Cinn March 16 I use the Mountain Directory
    • John/Carolyn Thompson
      pokeysRVadventures March 16 You'll probably be going through Asheville I believe on I40. A 40 degree upgrade I believe. Been there many times.
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      • John/Carolyn Thompson
        rvericksons March 16 Since I40 is an interstate, grades are usually reasonable.. Did you mean to say 4 degrees, which is about a 7 percent grade?
    • John/Carolyn Thompson
      SouthParkSteve March 16 There are actually several web sites, I believe.  The one I have looked at is
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    • John/Carolyn Thompson
      rvericksons March 16 We use an app called Elevation Profile.
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      • John/Carolyn Thompson
        Kim & Kathy March 20 flatestroute is a good one, but you can do this in google maps as well. After or while you are setting the start, mid and stop points, change the method of travel to bicycle...
    • John/Carolyn Thompson
      John/Carolyn Thompson March 16 Thank you all. I'll check them out before I leave and post my results.
    • John/Carolyn Thompson
      Patte M March 16 Thanks for the share! that is an amazing little gem.
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