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  • Almost Packed
    Almost PackedNew RVillagers Group:
    March 16, 2020Hi everyone! I'm "wish shopping" daydreaming or whatever you want to call it. I grew up camping with my family and I tent camp whenever we get the chance now. Eventually, my day will come when I get my new camping trailer! I wish shop online all the t...  more
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    • Almost Packed
      SouthParkSteve March 16, 2020 Can you try renting first, to see what you like?  Most people say your third RV is the one you will actually stick with for a while....I am on number 2. Personally I would probably say to go smaller, more for what YOU need, unless you se...  more
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    • Almost Packed
      TheClearyClan March 16, 2020 We rented 4 times before we bought. The first rental was a Minnie Winnie, about 23 feet as I recall, about 33 years ago. At the time we had 3 daughters that were all young. The camper slept 6. The second and t...  more
    • Almost Packed
      Outofsightadventures March 16, 2020 Renting is great advice... although we did not take it;). For us the perfect first was a 17 ft hybrid w no slides. Slept what seemed an infinite # of kids and grandkids and managed to have every member of the family stub their pinky toe numerous times on ...  more
    • Almost Packed
      The Queen and I March 16, 2020 We rented a class A twice, loved it, and bought a newer one with the same floor plan, another bathroom, a fireplace, and a bigger fridge. I recommend used, just a few years old. Let someone else take the depreciation hit and fight to get all ...  more
    • Almost Packed
      NanaAdventures (Bev) March 20, 2020 Buy what you can afford and enjoy just the 2 of you. Most have a dinette to convert to 2 more guests. Depending on where you want to take the grandkids. Many State parks allow 1 tent with the RV. Boom thats your guest room. You could also add a room to y...  more
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