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    ATTN RVllagers - We are OPEN and have a place for you to land. 15% discount during the COVID-19 period. Use code: RVILLAGEC19 for nightly when paying online or calling to secure your spot. Call us for anything over 28 day reservations. 15% discount will also be honored. This is for new reservations only. 719-475-9450. Click here to reserve.
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  • Mike and Donna Wagner
    Mike and Donna Wagner
    March 18Here’s a thought - I saw this on a friend’s post just now. ~Donna
    If you happen to be sitting in your car eating at a fast food place because the dining room is closed and see a truck driver walk to the door and walk away please ask him if you can drive t...  more
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    • Mike and Donna Wagner
      Char and coco March 18 Great thought,,I seen it this morn..on FB,..thought what a great ideal...
    • Mike and Donna Wagner
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) March 18 We really love that folks are thinking of ways to help each other while staying safe themselves.
    • Mike and Donna Wagner
      L.D.Clark March 18 Now you touched my ❤️, having been a 30+ yrs trucker. Thanks for posting
    • Mike and Donna Wagner
      Mike and Donna Wagner March 18 I actually was thinking of you L.D. When I posted this. ~Donna
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      • Mike and Donna Wagner
        L.D.Clark March 18 Donna, You two are Awesome, such a great example of the kind of people RVillage wants. Thank you ❤️
      • Mike and Donna Wagner
        Mike and Donna Wagner March 18 L.D. - obviously you are too. RVillage thrives on kindness toward each other. Oh yes - and also cheerful poems and smiles. ~Donna
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