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    ATTN RVllagers - We are OPEN and have a place for you to land. 15% discount during the COVID-19 period. Use code: RVILLAGEC19 for nightly when paying online or calling to secure your spot. Call us for anything over 28 day reservations. 15% discount will also be honored. This is for new reservations only. 719-475-9450. Click here to reserve.
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  • Hillary
    March 19It's been pretty easy for me to get caught up in thinking about everything that is not going well (for me, for family, for friends, for the world) so I'm working on remembering and practicing gratitude for all that I do have. Usually I write these in a jo...  more
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    • Hillary
      Bluewater March 19 That was a very nice post!
      I'm very grateful for my family and the health of everyone. I grateful for God giving me another day to enjoy!
    • Hillary
      Natureatheart March 19 What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing it! I'm grateful to be parked at a farm just outside of Asheville, NC. I'm also thankful for my breathwork trainer, and new friend, Akhi. I'm thankful that my 2001 van yet runs (hooray Green Queen) and the back...  more
    • Hillary
      Packratphyls March 19 Omg. That is so magnificent! What a blessing to get such a view and know God has made such a beautiful world and we get to live and view it !
    • Hillary
      Elsiesmom March 19 I am grateful I made it safely to my destination, got reservations through April 3rd, possibly longer and can finally “hunker down.”
    • Hillary
      Patte M March 19 I am grateful for the amazing RVillage team that I have the opportunity to work with! I am so grateful for the wonderful RVillage Family of Friends that continually give!  Thank you @Hillary for always being the positive light in our everyday life!
    • Hillary
      Steve N Z March 19 Really nice all. Im happy with My home Love it here Think I am pretty healthy for My age. Thank God and I am hoping to head out pretty soon and see this Country at My leisure :  ) Grateful for My Family. Happy talking to You all here.  Thank You !
    • Hillary
      Hank & Shirleen March 19 I have so much to be Thankful for, I cannot list them all! Number is family! I thank the Good Lord for all of it! 
    • Hillary
      Mike and Donna Wagner March 19 I’m grateful and thankful for the health we have enjoyed thru many trials and years that have turned out well for both of us - for the opportunity to come to love and enjoy so many virtual and meet so many  real friends here on RVillage - thanks to C...  more
    • Hillary
      L.D.Clark March 20 What a AWESOME post. That Sunset photo just warms my soul as does life. We have many challenges in life. I’m grateful for the strength we have to confront them. I give many Smiles but this one’s for you 😁♥️.
    • Hillary
      eddie mccarthy March 20 DR. Bob And Bill Wilson AMEN
    • Hillary
      L.D.Clark March 20 Hillary I took a screenshot. That really is Beautiful. 😎 hope you don’t mind.
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    • Hillary
      Tami and Barry “Cruising in Our Cabin” March 24 Im great-full for being able to start life over every morning. Florida sunrise 2020
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