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  • L.D.Clark
    March 20I as many have my tough days
    But I refuse to let it show
    For all around me and my friends
    You really don’t need to know
    I Smile even when I hurt
    It makes me feel so much better
    You to can Smile when you read this
    Word for word letter for letter

    I’m tryi...  more
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    • L.D.Clark
      Mike and Donna Wagner March 20 That’s such an appropriate poem for what all of us are dealing with today as we work through the shortages and physical and mental challenges we’re all facing. It’s a completely selfless and free way to help each other - just a friendly wave and smile and...  more
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      • L.D.Clark
        L.D.Clark March 20 Donna, one of my favorite quotes : I complained I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet. 🤔 something I try to remember.
    • L.D.Clark
      John & Pat Klebba March 20 Stay well, L.D. Safe travels!
    • L.D.Clark
      BLSMSS March 20 🤗
    • L.D.Clark
      Steve N Z March 20 Very nice L.D. . We all just need to GRINN AND BEAR IT what ever We have going on. Hope You all have a Great Day !  :  )
    • L.D.Clark
      Larry D March 20 Well said LD. There is always someone with a worse problem. Your smile may be the only thing to brighten someones day. Possibly the only encouragement to keep push on.May God be with you.
    • L.D.Clark
      pokeysRVadventures March 20 Well written L.D, and it  rhymed very well! Sort of like Larry D posted, Whatever's going on it could always be worse. 
    • L.D.Clark
      Packratphyls March 20 Thanks love your attitude! More people need to catch it! I used to ask my kids and patients this question! Is your attitude worth catching to you! Attitudes are cantageous! Is yours worth catching or will it cause you an operation( to fix) like jail!
    • L.D.Clark
      Cinn March 20 Thanks L.D. :)
    • L.D.Clark
      Warren and Terry of NE PA March 20 Well put LD thanks.
    • L.D.Clark
      TheCaliGirl Teresa March 20 Me likey you, thanks for the pearls
    • L.D.Clark
      Lisa’s Fabulous Adventure March 20 Keep smiling!! Yours is contagious. Peace and blessings sent your way. ~Lisa

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