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  • Zoeygirl25
    Zoeygirl25 RV Repair Club:
    April 7, 2020Need help! when I start to drain the gray tank it has a terrible odor light sewer smell. The odor does not come through the inside of the motorhome it's just at the valve when you open up the gray tank this is a new motorhome for me. I just got it in De...  more
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    • Zoeygirl25
      Chief Fagawe April 7, 2020 Sounds like the black tank may have leaking valve.
    • Zoeygirl25
      Mike and Hyesuk April 7, 2020 Often grey tanks can smell as bad or worse than the black. Treat them with the same sanitizer you are using in your black tank. I'm not sure if your black tank can leak into the grey.
    • Zoeygirl25
      Marv. April 7, 2020 Try putting something like happy camper chemical in it.let it set a couple days then drain.this stuff does wonders on black water also,with no odor. You can get it on line,and it's cheaper in the long run than the blue stuff.
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    • Zoeygirl25
      2A-couple April 7, 2020 I read you should not use bleach in the tanks it can damage them over time
    • Zoeygirl25
      N & J April 7, 2020 Experience the same on ours. Contrary to black water tanks, there is no flush system and over time, sediments and grease can build on. Support other recommendations made. We also used soap and water in the tank when moving to provide a good mixing and flu...  more
    • Zoeygirl25
      George and Sally April 7, 2020 When I start getting a heavy order from grey tank I put a couple of cups of simple green in tank a bunch of hot water and drive to next stop and drain. Works great for me.
    • Zoeygirl25
      charles formby April 7, 2020 1/2 gallon vinegar, 1qt alcohol, cup dawn , down the road, clean. Smell gone
    • Zoeygirl25
      Zoeygirl25 April 7, 2020 Thank you all for the advice. I have Happy Camper will try that.
    • Zoeygirl25
      TheCaliGirl Teresa April 7, 2020 Wow, yuck problems but good friends with great fixes. Happy to know you are all there just in case I get a nasty smell problem. I do use soap, just so you know!
    • Zoeygirl25
      Jenna & The ZARGON April 8, 2020 Hi Zoey,  Just out of my habit of prevention, I often put the same stuff you put in your black tank in each and every drain my my grey water system.  That deoderizing enzyme eater stuff makes a world of difference in a good way.   Also, lik...  more
    • Zoeygirl25
      Michael Zike & Lynne Brooks April 8, 2020 Previous owners made have caused this issue. Make sure you drain your black tank first with the gray water valve closed. Make sure you close the black tank drain then drain the gray water. If their both open at the same time it could cause an issue. I wou...  more
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