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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • Toni and David
    Toni and David RV Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration:
    April 11, 2020What is the best flooring to put in a class A gas and the easiest? Send me a message! Thanks
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    • Toni and David
      David (the Gypsy) April 12, 2020 What ever you do, please do not get Ernie Flooring from Texas to put in your flooring. He does not work under a contract and if you complain about something, he will tell you there is one easy way to fix it. He will tell you that he will retire ...... end...  more
    • Toni and David
      Dennis & Marie April 12, 2020 Go out on YouTube if you want to DIY. You’ll find product recommendations or warnings from them.
    • Toni and David
      Debbie and Larry April 12, 2020 We put click-lock vinyl plank. It looks like wood and cleans up marvelously!
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      • Toni and David
        ozarkcat April 18, 2020 Did you glue it down or leave it as a floating floor and fasten it down under the threshold at the door? I'm looking at this as an option in the Nomad I'm updating.
      • Toni and David
        David (the Gypsy) April 18, 2020 You should always glue down your flooring in an RV, especially if you have slides. 
    • Toni and David
      Roving Rehklau April 12, 2020 We put in a water resistant wood laminate. There can be a lot of fiddley cutting if the RV has a bunch of funky angles like ours does. Take that into consideration. I think regular linoleum is the quickest, especially if you hire an installer from a carpet store.
    • Toni and David
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) April 15, 2020 Toni and David  What are your criteria for “best”?  Most attractive (matter of taste)?  Most durable?  Lightest weight?  Criteria for “easiest”?  Easiest to source?  Easiest to install?  Easiest to clean and maintain?
    • Toni and David
      ☰⛺Woodstock 69’☰ ❛We are Stardust Mihály┼Fátima❜ May 18, 2020 Have you thought of cork? Easy, good price, light, durable unless you have dogs.
    • Toni and David
      Roving Rehklau May 19, 2020 In my opinion, none of the flooring options are perfect. Cork was a strong contender for our remodel. We liked the look and price but decided against it after researching. High humidity can cause the cork to plump and curl. Direct sunlight can cause fad...  more
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    The MCD Pull-Up Door Shades is designed for the ease of entering and exiting your motorcoach and is encased in an attractive, lightweight black aluminum housing that attaches quickly and easily to any screen door frame.