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  • Justanyoldname
    JustanyoldnameFull Time RVers:
    April 12Hi all, new to the site. (And new to full time rv living with two young kids.) Currently south of dallas. Do schools acknowledge rv living as a residence? Schools are closed here so no one to ask... 💁 any reccomendations ans suggestions about anything wil...  more
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    • Justanyoldname
      Richard & Charlotte Peach April 12 The answer to your question depends. If your RV is permanently parked with a street address then yes. If you plan to travel in the RV then no. You need to have a legal address which is not a post office box per the Patriot Act.
    • Justanyoldname
      Happy Tails 2 U April 12 I had students when I taught public school in Texas who lived w/ parents in cars so... Try Escapees-. You'll get an address in Livingston TX.
    • Justanyoldname
      Beechbaby April 12 If you full time and travel you can use a mail service for a permanent address. You would have to home school the kids if you travel. Otherwise your home park would be your address.
    • Justanyoldname
      Tink & Chuck April 12 If you plan to home school, the state of Texas considers you a private school. However, like others have said, if you plan on enrolling them, you will need an address. When I needed to provide an address, I was able to provide the park address and site nu...  more
    • Justanyoldname
      TheClearyClan April 12 We have been seasonal RVers in a RV Park in Pennsylvania since 2008. The park does not allow school aged kids to live in the park during the school year because the park does not pay school taxes on the campground.

    • Justanyoldname
      Chris & Jennifer [ThxHarvey] April 12 Welcome to RVillage. We are also south of Dallas. How young are your kids? What is your comfort level with home schooling? What school district would you be looking at for traditional school? Feel free to send us a private message if you prefer.
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      • Justanyoldname
        Justanyoldname April 14 I work so they would be in school. Ages 5 (repeating kindergarten) and 4. Not sure what school district. We are currently in my parents backyard until we find a campground we like close to work. (Hoping for waxahachie. But the location we looked at look...  more
      • Justanyoldname
        Chris & Jennifer [ThxHarvey] April 14 We are not far from Waxahachie. That is a hard area to find an RV park.
    • Justanyoldname
      xctraveler April 14 Please read Escapees information on Texas Domicile, it is written by Texas lawyers for RVers. Many if not all your questions will be answered in that material. They MAY be able to help you with the schooling question as well.
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