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  • Wheels That Heal
    Wheels That HealThor Motor Coach Community :
    April 16, 2020We have a 2012 Thor Hurricane 32D. Wondering if anyone can aide me in how to drain fresh water tank on this rig. I see the low blue and red hoses underneath, found under bed the hoses with valves, turned them to what I thought was open but no water was d...  more
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    • Wheels That Heal
      S. Ford April 16, 2020 I have a 2019 Hurricane 34J. My fresh water tank is under the bed and is accessible by removing screws. Tank , pump are located there. The tank has a 1 1/4” valve that drains the tank. Also I have low point drain valves in the outside kitchen. Those ...  more
    • Wheels That Heal
      Dan-n-Jo April 17, 2020 I have a 2016 Thor ACE and like S. Ford posted I have a couple of 'low point drains' that open be pulling the metal rings down. My fresh water tank drain is actually under the water pump on the other side of the RV. That low point drain is in the feed lin...  more
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      • Wheels That Heal
        S. Ford April 17, 2020 Under the bed is also where I have to access a port to pump antifreeze in for the winter so I seem to be there all the time 
      • Wheels That Heal
        Dan-n-Jo April 18, 2020 S. Ford, I do not use antifreeze to winterize my RV, I use an air compressor and the city water hookup and have been for more than 30 years without any problem with pipes bursting. This makes de-winterizing a snap, simply put water in and run it until wat...  more
    • Wheels That Heal
      S. Ford April 18, 2020 I air blow 1st but I cannot air blow from the fresh water tank thru the pump
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      • Wheels That Heal
        Dan-n-Jo April 18, 2020 I have a 'low point drain' on both sides of my water pump, drains water from the holding tank and the lines coming from, never had any water damage to any lines and never used any antifreeze.
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