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  • JimOnTheBeach
    JimOnTheBeach Why didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    April 19, 2020 I hear that is bad to use bleach to clean an RV toilet because it will harm the seal. What seems to be the best thing to clean.
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    • JimOnTheBeach
      The Adventures of Tori and Beans April 19, 2020 White vinegar and water. Cut 1:1
    • JimOnTheBeach
      LarandSus April 19, 2020 The response might be different depending on whether you have a plastic or ceramic toilet. We have ceramic so I just use an earth friendly cleaner like Method.
    • JimOnTheBeach
      AbbysRoadTrip April 19, 2020 Vinegar and water or diluted bleach n water.
    • JimOnTheBeach
      The Rolling Stones April 19, 2020 Ive always used regular household toilet bowl cleaner. Put a few inches of water in the bowl, add a generous squirt of toilet bowl cleaner, scrub-a-dub-dub immediately then rinse well. 4-5 full toilet bowls of water. Then dump the black tank immediately. ...  more
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      • JimOnTheBeach
        rvericksons April 19, 2020 YES! Dilution is the best solution! (Quote from my cousin, the chemist.)
    • JimOnTheBeach
      Kshipman April 19, 2020 I used a disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and flushed (into the black tank). Oops!  Seems that must have worked against the good bacteria in the black tank treatment product we used.  Since that lesson resulting in terrible black tan...  more
    • JimOnTheBeach
      John And Debbie Maxson April 20, 2020 I use Lysol spray for RV and boat. Yes bleach can destroy your rubber seal on pump. If you must use bleach occasionally rinse very very well
    • JimOnTheBeach
      Dan&Jo April 23, 2020 Powder Dishwasher Pacs. Enzymes and bleach in them cleans quite well, and will not harm rubber seals. Added benefit is that if used in the sinks (gray water) they also help to dissolve the greasy build up in the pipes.
    • JimOnTheBeach
      LittleRed May 19, 2020 Lysol cleaning wipes. Center and Lightly wrap around head of cleaning brush and scrub away. Simply tap into trash or if sticks to brush, put whole thing down into a plastic shopping bag and pull off. Clean toilet, hands and brush.
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