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  • WeMustRV
    WeMustRV RV Repair Club:
    April 20, 2020Speaking from a not so pleasant experience. Be careful with slides and snow. We had a heavy overnight snow and I tried to close my slides for departure. Mistake. Slides did not close all the way due the that fact the slide covers were full of wet sn...  more
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    • WeMustRV
      pokeysRVadventures April 20, 2020 You don't have a rear RV ladder to use? That's how I go up and sweep the slides.
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      • WeMustRV
        WeMustRV April 21, 2020 Did not as it was damaged when I bought the unit.  I have been trying to get a factory original as it is longer than the universal aftermarket units.  It is one piece 127" long
    • WeMustRV
      Robbie & Alice April 20, 2020 Blow up big beach balls work well too...if you can find them.
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      • WeMustRV
        Jenna & The ZARGON April 20, 2020 Yes, Robbie... but you need your ladder to put the dang ball up there in the first place.  Then of course you need a broom or other implement to remove the ball and clear the snowy stuff too.      Thanks for the reminder WeMustRV...  more
      • WeMustRV
        Andy & Maureen T April 21, 2020 Good thought. Maybe your topper needs to be re-adjusted = Spring tension
    • WeMustRV
      Rich & Janelle Nuding April 20, 2020 Old used leaf blower with an extension of some old aluminum downspout with a 90 at the top end blows everything off the top of the slides even most of the water. And you never leave the ground.
    • WeMustRV
      Steve&Tina April 20, 2020 I use boat bumpers. They are longer and have holes in both ends to tie a rope to. Yes you need a ladder to put them in but when you are ready to go just pull them out. They come in different diameters so you will need to buy the ones best for your rig.
    • WeMustRV
      Tami and Barry April 21, 2020 I thought slide covers were put on so you didn’t have to sweep anymore, glad we didn’t get them.
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