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  • Martusm1979
    Martusm1979New RVillagers Group:
    April 30, 2020New to having a bigger trailer. Advice on why my refrigerator won’t stay on with propane? It starts up then turns itself off a few min later
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    • Martusm1979
      Grosser Family April 30, 2020 What is the battery level at? My neighbor was having the same issue with his trailer 2 days ago and his battery was almost dead.
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      • Martusm1979
        Martusm1979 May 1, 2020 oooohhh yeah our battery is always until we plug in.  
      • Martusm1979
        Martusm1979 May 1, 2020 I wonder what the battery has to do with the propane starting up.   Is it using the battery to send a spark or what?
      • Martusm1979
        TheClearyClan May 1, 2020 Many of the RV Appliances require the house battery be charged and healthy for their brains (control boards) to run. The initial current demand from the appliances will come from the battery, the converter/charger cannot satisfy some of those demands. Eve...  more
    • Martusm1979
      Lonnie Rooks April 30, 2020 Sometimes the propane is old even though the camper is new . Try a different bottle of propane .
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      • Martusm1979
        Winginit April 30, 2020 Ohhh darn...I got my ride new and it still has the original charge of propane in both it in 2012 too...hmmm it fired up the oven as use it last year lol...guess still ok.
    • Martusm1979
      Lonnie Rooks April 30, 2020 Propane is odd that way it'll burn in a burner but not for the fridge . That was our issue too . . Try a friends propane . Goodluck .
    • Martusm1979
      BobnPattie April 30, 2020 Yup...We had the same problem. We found out our refrigerator won’t run on propane if the battery is below 11.95 volts. 
    • Martusm1979
      Paul & Kay Legare May 1, 2020 I also had a fridge propane issue for about a year. It all started the day I bought very inexpensive propane in AZ. Several shops looked at it, much discussion with friends. None of us could come up with a reason as to why the fridge would no longer cool ...  more
    • Martusm1979
      Mark & Sherry Pinder May 1, 2020 If mine is not level the propane will not keep the fridge going. Also, I have found that if mine has been sitting off for awhile, I have to light a stove burner for a minute or so and then the fridge runs just fine.
    • Martusm1979
      Flyndutchman May 1, 2020 It needs 12 volts to run the controller for the fridge. I ran into the same problem.
    • Martusm1979
      Martusm1979 May 1, 2020 thank you everyone.  At least now I've got some things to try.  I plan to try running the stove for a minute before lighting the fridge for sure.   It sure would be nice to run the fridge on the way up so we don't have to keep lugging ...  more
    • Martusm1979
      James Watts April 15 Your last post stated you wanted to have fridge on when travelling ..that is a no no .. the wind from moving will blow out pilot light and trailer will fill with propane. Also states that in owners manaul in bold letters.
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