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  • 20% OFF

    Valid Till: 07-01-2020

    Category : RV Parks

    Use Code : SUMMER20

    Back to Camping Kickoff! RVillagers receive 20% off their first stay at Painted Rock Park. Just mention the code: SUMMER20 and take advantage of this special offer. Reserve your spot today at (719)-348-5007
  • $100.00 OFF

    Valid Till: Never Expires

    Category : RV Parks

    Use Code : PRP100

    $100 off monthly stay at Painted Rock Park! Just mention the code: PRP100 and take advantage of this special offer. Reserve your spot today at (719)-348-5007
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  • Lawrence Collier
    Lawrence CollierFull Time RVers:
    May 1We just joined this group. We sold our house at the end of February and it has been a weird journey. We were in a state park on the coast and left just before it shut down and moved to a casino on the coast. It shut down right after we left and we have...  more
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    • Lawrence Collier
      Mike & Joan S May 1 Hang on. It will get better. We're in our 3rd great trip to see America. The media panic has presented some challenges, but has opened other opportunities. We love the life.
    • Lawrence Collier
      BLSMSS May 1 We are going on 7 years, you will find that once in awhile things look bad but we can always move on. Mike and Joan are correct.
    • Lawrence Collier
      andrew monaghan May 1 welcome
    • Lawrence Collier
      Dreamers and Travelers/ Tom & Prescott May 1 Last few months have certainly been a wild roller coaster ride. Hosting for Mar & Apr on Oregon coast. Told mid-Mar all hosts were to vacate; then later asked to stay. Now on 3rd month as limited options remain to travel. The itch to hitch is stronger on ...  more
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