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  • GregnSteve
    May 5, 2020For all the posts re: where to camp/what’s open, I’ve not seen anything about where to shop for groceries & supplies /what’s allowed while traveling.
    We have a 5 week trip coming up. We booked private camps and all but 1 are currently open (I’ve booked a...  more
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    • GregnSteve
      Barbara and Jerry Kinney May 5, 2020 Thank you for asking this! We were just discussing this last night & We’d like to know also🧐
    • GregnSteve
      The Weaving RVer May 5, 2020 I was just reading up on the state of Maine mandatory 14 day self quarantine for travelers coming in from out of state and it specifically states that you either have to bring a 14 day supply of food with you or make arrangements for delivery of food stuf...  more
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      • GregnSteve
        GregnSteve May 5, 2020 I totally get the reasons for the quarantine and I agree with them. We’re in a county that has only had 2 tested cases and we take isolation very seriously. We don’t intend to tour, explore when we make a camp, we’ll just enjoy the nature at camp, read, r...  more
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