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  • Diana & Michael
    Diana & Michael RV Repair Club:
    May 5I am a full timer but not a handyman. Should I have our fifth wheel inspected once a year to help me find or identify problems waiting to happen? Also, is there a fifth wheel maintenance checklist I can find online? I read Escapees and Trailer Life mag...  more
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    • Diana & Michael
      Jim & Sharon Ham May 5 There seem to be two schools of thought on this issue of routine maintenance.  One is "if it ain;t broke, don't fix it.  The second is FORD:Fix Or Repair Daily.   The spring checklists of things to do and look at are published all over...  more
    • Diana & Michael
      Renolee May 5 at least the roof and any sealant that keeps water
    • Diana & Michael
      Dreamers and Travelers/ Tom & Prescott May 5 Be sure to check wheel nuts & torque. Pain to do but crucial to do after bearing & brake inspections. Lost a wheel when bolts snapped crossing WY during winter weather. Yuck! And NO our TPMS did not alert us.
    • Diana & Michael
      Tink & Chuck May 5 This response is coming from Chuck, my husband. He is a certified NRIVA Inspector. His recommendation is to get an inspection. The first year get the highest level you can get and ask the tech to explain everything to you so you have a starting poin...  more
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    • Diana & Michael
      BLSMSS May 5 Depending on who does your inspections, not everything gets inspected. You need to make a list from roof to your tires to check more than once a year. Such as tears, leaks, damage from trees, to remembering to bring in your antenna or awning in before you...  more
    • Diana & Michael
      KarenCharlesLilTaji May 5 Have your roof inspected and have maintenance done on your AC, water heater, and batteries yearly. Most good techs will visually inspect as they do maintenance.
    • Diana & Michael
      TheClearyClan May 5 I have had an inspection done at least every other year. We found out that our extended warranty would not cover some things that were not inspected within two years, but we had the documentation that the inspections were done.

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      • Diana & Michael
        NW Kathy B May 5 Did you buy your extended warranty when you purchased your RV or did you buy it separately? If it was separately who was the company and what was the cost if you don't mind me asking? I lost my husband with cancer in August and he took care of everything...  more
      • Diana & Michael
        TheClearyClan May 6 @NW Kathy B, We bought a used Class-C from a dealer who bought it new to sell as new, but he rented it out, that voided the manufacturer's warranty. He had it on his lot for one year. It had about 3,500 miles on it, 500 of those miles was from the ...  more
    • Diana & Michael
      MRJohnston May 5 An oft overlooked item is electrical connections. Turn off all power then go through the inverter, converter, breaker panel, ATS (auto transfer switch), and yes even those cheap 120V recepticals they install in RV’s. Everything should be torqued/checke...  more
    • Diana & Michael
      Michael Zike & Lynne Brooks May 6 We travel about six months a year and like you I get our Class A Coachmen checked out every year before we hit the road. I'm not a handyman either but I have learned a lot since 2005. Your best bet is to reach out to your RV friends as they are more than ...  more
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