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  • Vanessa on the road
    Vanessa on the road Full Time RVers:
    May 10, 2020I am looking to put solar on my TT. I am in Nevada and will travel a reasonable distance to get it done (was planning to get it done at FMCA in Tuscon). I will be traveling to the NW in a few months (MT, ID, WA and OR). Does anyone have any suggestions...  more
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    • Vanessa on the road
      doggod May 10, 2020 Do it in Oregon or Montana. No sales tax, save a bundle.
    • Vanessa on the road
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) May 10, 2020 AM Solar -  in Springfield Oregon is great.
    • Vanessa on the road
      KarenCharlesLilTaji May 10, 2020 Make sure you can get all the parts and equipment needed for the install. We've been having a hard time getting parts with all these shut downs going on. 
    • Vanessa on the road
      Mike and Donna Wagner May 10, 2020 Bill Joyce (and Diane Melde) are right! AM Solar did ours and we love it - they did a super job and are highly recommended. Big plus is no sales tax in Oregon. Also you can still get a Federal tax credit on it this year - less than it was last year but st...  more
    • Vanessa on the road
      Texas_Nomads May 10, 2020 I agree with Bill -Mike&Donna , AM Solar is the way to go. Before reaching out to them, determine what you need to run (TV, hair dryer, M/W, refridg, heater, etc) so they can size the batteries and system appropriately.
    • Vanessa on the road
      Robbie & Alice May 10, 2020 AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon.   541 726-1091.
    • Vanessa on the road
      Jackie Wassilie May 11, 2020 Quartzsite has a couple of solar shops
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