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  • Bellais
    BellaisWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    May 11, 2020We just bought a new Wildcat and will be living in it for a while. What is the best replacement mattress for a short queen? TIA
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    • Bellais
      Habadabeer May 11, 2020 If it will fit, I’d get a standard queen mattress. That way you can buy sheets anywhere. We just replaced our mattress with one from Idle: We opted for their hybrid mattress which combines an inner spri...  more
    • Bellais
      Trailerite May 11, 2020 Three trailers and two matresses since retirement. I think any mattress I buy will generally outlive the RV.
    • Bellais
      Cruisrte66 May 11, 2020 If there's an extra 6 inches in length room, go with a std queen.
      Ours was already a std queen .. we put in a sleep number bed.
    • Bellais
      Dan-n-Jo May 11, 2020 Tuft and Needle 100% refund 100 day test period, free delivery to your door, regular queen can be easily cut with serrated bread knife. Great reviews
    • Bellais
      Dejavela May 11, 2020 Got a Nectar double. It fits the short queen lenght of an RV. Liked it so much, got a queen for home. They have a great warranty. I looked at 4 different comparison sites online for the top 10 mattresses, and it was in every one, usually at the t...  more
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      • Bellais
        Dan-n-Jo May 12, 2020 Just info. I was curious so I looked the Nectar mattress up and did find the site where it claims that it was the "top 10". That site has no information about whom is funding their research and ratings. Further it shows a "Consumer Reports - ad" when ever...  more
    • Bellais
      Mike & Marcy Parker May 11, 2020 We ordered the short/RV queen from Walmart and have been very happy with it. About $200 for the foam and memory one. Delivered right to the campground no problem. One of the workers grabbed the old one for a friend. Would have had to cut the old one in pi...  more
    • Bellais
      Drifter May 11, 2020 I am partial to air beds. You can make them soft or hard. Their weight is little and easy to maneuver for installation.
    • Bellais
      TheNewMexicoVagabonds February 11 Amazon. We are hoping it fits into our new Thor. Gotta have a gel mattress
    • Bellais
      Terriszukhent June 11 We ordered the Lucid 10” on Amazon. We’ve used it once since ordering, and wow, what a difference! (Right around $300 for a short queen)
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