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  • Coy N Terri Rice
    Coy N Terri Rice Newmar Owners Group:
    May 11, 2020For those of you that switched out your refrigerator to a residential one, how did you get the refrigerator in? It's a hair to big to bring in they the front door. Anyone use the living room window and take it out?
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    • Coy N Terri Rice
      Denise Washington May 11, 2020 We replaced the refrigerator in our Tiffin Allegro. We took the doors off the new fridge and were able to squeeze it in the door.  I think we did the same to the old fridge to get it out. It’s been almost 4 years so don’t really remember 
    • Coy N Terri Rice
      B and B May 11, 2020 We have a 2005 Newmar Kountry Star, took out the drivers side window, pushed the seat as far back as it would go, leaned it all the way back, out with the old 4 door Norcold, in with the new Samsung without an issue
    • Coy N Terri Rice
      Richard N Carolyn Helloroad May 11, 2020 I used living room emergency window. Remove blind and laid the shipping cardboard across opening. 4 people required. 2strong men to lift out of truck which is close to window. Once up and leveled slide in and guided by two others inside Ha...  more
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    • Coy N Terri Rice
      Travel'n Texans (Sam and Cindy) May 14, 2020 Good Morning Coy N Terri We changed out the frig in out 04 Essex a couple of years ago. I had to do some minor modifications to the cabinet where the RV frig was (just removed a lower storage drawer and upper cabinet) but it worked out Great! I too...  more
    • Coy N Terri Rice
      Gerry and Ginnie Benjamins September 2, 2021 I took of fridge door and hinges but still needed to remove the door frame assembly to get that extra inch.  Easily done and replaced, though.
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