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  • Mike R
    Mike R RV Education 101:
    May 19, 2020Is there a special way to weigh a 42 ft motorhome with a tag axle and a tow vehicle? Can I weigh both vehicles together on a three section Cat Scale IE: front motorhome axle on front scale, rear motorhome axles (including tag) on center scale and the tow ...  more
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    • Mike R
      Becca Ray May 19, 2020 That’s how we do it. When we get a chance we want to get individual tire/end axle weights from Escapees to ensure not only our total axle weights, also our side to side weights for balancing loads inside the RV.
    • Mike R
      Andy & Maureen T May 20, 2020 CAT scale. Check out their website:
    • Mike R
      Jim & Sharon Ham May 20, 2020 The three-scale-pads method works for us.  We usually find a CAT scale at Pilot/Flying J, Travel America, or other very large truck stops along the interstates.
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