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  • Darlea
    DarleaRV Pets:
    May 22, 2020We have 2 shihtzu type dogs that hate the steps in/ out of the RV, they are too steep. And of course they want to do it themselves. A ramp on the steps is too wide for us to use the steps. Has anyone had this problem? What was the solution?
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    • Darlea
      Kevin/Yvonne & 4 Doxies May 22, 2020 We use a motorcycle ramp. Narrower than a dog ramp. Our mini dachshunds use with no problem. Stairway is usable for us, but a little narrow, but with swing out arm no problem🤠😎🙂
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      • Darlea
        Kevin/Yvonne & 4 Doxies May 23, 2020 A couple pics 🤠😎🙂
      • Darlea
        Darlea May 24, 2020 This is a great set up. Love the yard that you have set up for them. Trying to do the same for mine.
    • Darlea
      Larry Holbrook May 22, 2020 Step pads any help?
    • Darlea
      RitaB May 23, 2020 I have one shihtzu and he has the same problems. He has to take steps ar a run so he has the momentum to get up the stairs. I found that the step pads they have for RV's worked well, he would slip on the metal stairs.
    • Darlea
      Kevin/Yvonne & 4 Doxies May 23, 2020 If it is just slipping and you have smooth metal steps, there is also friction/step tape for traction. It is like sandpaper with a sticky back to tape to the step.🤠😎🙂
    • Darlea
      Mary and Rollie May 24, 2020 We use the cheap carpet-like step covers from Walmart.
    • Darlea
      Darlea May 24, 2020 We have step covers and they help. It’s just too straight down.
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