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  • DobbratzFam
    DobbratzFamNew RVillagers Group:
    May 26, 2020Hi everyone. We are new to camping with a travel trailer. We both did as kids but never had to pay attention to some things. Wondering your take on RV toilet paper and if it’s necessary? I would like to use our normal charmin we use at home.
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    • DobbratzFam
      Kevin/Yvonne & 4 Doxies May 26, 2020 I don't know about Charmin. We use Walmart Great Value Everyday I believe is the name. Green package, marked as septic safe. I also try to rinse my tank out at least 3 times to remove anything building up on the bottom and sides. We also put in digester a...  more
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      • DobbratzFam
        DobbratzFam May 26, 2020 Oh good to know! We have a septic system at home (love our in the country) so our charmin is septic safe. Good tips on the rinsing and digester too! Thank you much!
    • DobbratzFam
      Doug n'Nance May 26, 2020 RV toilet paper breaks down much faster in the black tank than normal TP. For the occasional weekend outing, either will work, but if you spend more time in the RV and use the toilet, I'd stick with RV TP to avoid the dreaded poo paper clog.
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    • DobbratzFam
      Cinn May 26, 2020 Don't waste your hard-earned money on RV TP. Put your favorite brand to the test: take one square and put it in a glass or jar or water, let it sit for a few minutes -- then shake. If it breaks up & dissolves, it's safe! If it stays in one piece, don't us...  more
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      • DobbratzFam
        Beechbaby May 26, 2020 I once re ad that someone's answer to the TP discussion was a diaper genie! She swears it works keeping the odors out and she's never had a problem with the tank!
    • DobbratzFam
      Sharon and Jeff Bee May 26, 2020 We use the RV toilet paper since it breaks down so quickly and that way it is one less thing to have to worry about, Charmaine is wonderful when you are at home but too thick to break down in the RV's   
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