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  • WonderWheels
    WonderWheelsFree Camping and Boondocking on Public Lands:
    May 26, 2020Has anyone had much success free camping in states east of Texas? Looking in Alabama,Tennessee, Maryland... and it’s MUCH harder to find good boondocking spots than it is in the western states. Any tips appreciated!!
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    • WonderWheels
      Marcia and Dave May 26, 2020 Yes it is hard to find boondocking in that area. We used Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome
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      • WonderWheels
        WonderWheels May 26, 2020 I just heard about boondockers welcome tonight! What a cool thing to discover. Did you have positive experiences with that?
    • WonderWheels
      Ray & Ann May 27, 2020 Ditto on Harvest Host
    • WonderWheels
      Dan-n-Jo May 27, 2020 Our home state is TN and there are many city/county/state 'parks' (sort of speak) that do not show up in any membership, however Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome are great. If you travel the interstates you'll probably never see them, but the state h...  more
    • WonderWheels
      Andy & Maureen T May 27, 2020 Free Boondocking east of the Mississippi is few to none.
    • WonderWheels
      Suzan and Art May 27, 2020 You just have to know where to look for it.   Try National Forest areas... Have spent entire winters in Florida for $29 /year for permit with Fish and Wildlife.  Also Boondocking in Water Management sites.
    • WonderWheels
      Char and coco May 27, 2020 That’s what I was going to suggest...
    • WonderWheels
      WeMustRV May 27, 2020 Harvest Hosts and I also us US and Canada Campgrounds formal and disperesed app.
    • WonderWheels
      Todd Ramsay May 27, 2020 Use IOverlander app
    • WonderWheels
      TaraRose June 1, 2020 There are places I'm just learning myself what I've found is national parks offer dispersed camping. Appalachian Mountains
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