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  • Manzie R Lawfer
    Manzie R Lawfer RV Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration:
    May 28, 2020I am looking to replace the shades in Zorro (my motorhome). The prices at and seem about half or less than the going rate at Home Depot and Lowes. Does anyone have any experience in replacing shades that might offer some direction...  more
    • BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) and 1 other like this.
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) May 28, 2020 We really don’t like shades so put up blockout curtains. Sorry no help here
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      Kathy Bond May 28, 2020 I bought all my blackout chain driven roller shades from Blindster. Had no problems with my order. The blinds seem to be made well. Happy with my purchase.
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      Debbie and Larry May 28, 2020 I soaked the ones in my motorhome in a solution of oxyclean, then "painted" on liquid starch, let them dry before rehanging. BUT I have purchased blinds from for my house and they were excellent quality for about half of what Lowes was going to...  more
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      BobKathy95 May 28, 2020 We re-did our Class A with these double roller shades -  Ended up being less than Big Box stores and less than MCD shades. Very happy with the quality. They also have single roller shades available. Available thru v...  more
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      • Manzie R Lawfer
        David (the Gypsy) June 7, 2020 You get what you pay for. MCD in my opinion is the best on the market but can be a little pricy for some folks.
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      campingcoopers May 28, 2020 We were just talking about the same thing so I’m guessing we are all thinking projects before we can get back on the road! 😊
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      David (the Gypsy) May 29, 2020 Yes, I changed all my shades with MCD shades. If you go to McKinney Texas, they will do everything for you. Mine in my motor home only cost me $6,500.00 several years ago.
    • Manzie R Lawfer
      Kathy Bond June 3, 2020 I bought the Chain driven blackout roller shades from Good quality fabric, total blackout, works perfectly , order was received in 10 days.
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