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  • Bob*
    Bob*Handy RV Tools and tips :
    May 28, 2020We have our RV in a seasonal site that gets the afternoon sun on the side that has our refrigerator. the sun causes the refrigerator temperature to rise. It is a new Dometic just replaced last year. Any luck with fans added to the back of the unit to circ...  more
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    • Bob*
      Kevin/Yvonne & 4 Doxies May 28, 2020 Our last RV I added a solar powered fan to the column for air circulation and it worked great. Good luck😎🤠🙂
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      • Bob*
        Bob* May 28, 2020 Thanks I hope it will work.
    • Bob*
      Seabreeze May 28, 2020 You should consider looking at the Fridge Defender  Many RV fires are started by a refrigerator. It helps in keeping the contents cooler as well. 
    • Bob*
      Paul & Doris Cunningham May 28, 2020 Additional fans will help a lot.  Is there any way to shade that area?
    • Bob*
      Mark & JoAnn May 28, 2020 We added two 8 inch fans to the top vent hatch, It made a big difference, our ice cream actually got hard. These are the fans I got
    • Bob*
      rick&dee May 28, 2020 If there is not a fan on the outside back get one added. Usually, the newer ones come with a fan
    • Bob*
      Wncol May 29, 2020 I had a jayco that had the refrigerator in the slide. It was a non residential refrigerator. It had fans in the outside to aid in the air flow from the factory.  When I parked with the sun on that side the refrigerator temp climbed.  I think if ...  more
    • Bob*
      Paul & Kay Legare May 29, 2020 You will find that a small fan inside the fridge in front of the cooling fins will help a lot. JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana IN will sell you one for a reasonable price.
    • Bob*
      Cinn June 24, 2020 When I can't park facing the refrigerator North, I cover the outside wall of the RV over the fridge area with a sheet of "Reflectix" (careful not to block the vent area), fastened down with white heavy-duty Velcro squares. Primarily used for untinted wind...  more
    • Bob*
      Bob* July 16, 2020 As a follow up to my previous post we put a Dometic 12 volt fan and it has solved our cooling problem. We have had two weeks of 85+ temperatures and the refrigerator is cooling great.
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