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  • Linda Cook
    Linda CookFull Time RVers:
    June 1I have a class C built on the Ford E450 and need to have the vehicle serviced for the first time (oil change, tires rotated, NH state inspection etc as well as fix a mirror adjusting issue. My question to the group is where do you take a class C for vehic...  more
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    • Linda Cook
      Cinn June 1 Go to any good local mechanic who can work on a Ford (which is just about anyone!), not necessarily a dealer. Campers Inn or Camping World and any RV dealer would do repairs on the "house" not the truck, and would be much more expensive for Ford service.
    • Linda Cook
      The Mountains June 1 Agree with Cinn unless there is chassis warranty work. Probably better to check with a Ford dealer to confirm they work on RVs. They can also check on recall items.
    • Linda Cook
      doggod June 1 With one exception, I have not had good experiences with the Ford dealers. They get the work done, but they overcharge ... I think riding on the coattails of their dealer status. I would check around for independent shops in your area that have ba...  more
    • Linda Cook
      Rick & Barb Hubert June 2 Generally you will find that RV dealers charge the most - for any kind of work.  For chassis work in particular it is much better to go to a good local shop, or even to a Ford dealer.
    • Linda Cook
      Linda Cook June 2 Thanks for your help everyone  I'll try to find a local shop
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