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  • Devorah Art
    Devorah ArtArtists on the Road :
    June 1, 2020Just bought my rig and waiting most impatiently for borders to open. I have t quiet figured out how I’m going to paint in oil on the road ,but if any experienced travellers do, please pass on some tops. Also does anyone have any success selling while trav...  more
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    • Devorah Art
      Admiralandthechiefs June 2, 2020 Hello Devorah, once again you have captured the soul of your subjects. The dolphin is beautiful. I am actually working on a dolphin as well. As for selling I continue to sell from my site. I have had zero luck hooking up with art/craft shows on the road ....  more
    • Devorah Art
      Deborah Starr June 3, 2020 Beautiful
    • Devorah Art
      Roving Rehklau June 3, 2020 I love your work! I wish I had experience painting while on the road. If it were me, I would limit the size of the paintings to no more than 16x20 because of space considerations. I'm assuming you already have your paintings on the wood frames. I'd lay m...  more
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