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  • Connie’s
    Connie’sWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    June 2We bought our first used trailer...a 2008 Aerolite Cub 160 Hybrid. We have 2 young kids and at bedtime it is so bright because of the bunk ends. Wonder if anyone has ideas on how to black out those parts to make it dark at bedtime and when the sun comes up. Thanks!
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    • Connie’s
      Habadabeer June 3 I’m trying to picture what you’re describing. Can you take a photo that shows the issue? If it’s light from the living area shining on the bunks, I’d think some kind of curtain would do the trick. If it’s light coming in through the window, ...  more
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    • Connie’s
      Trailerite June 3 No experience, but maybe a blue tarp over the outside canvas bed end that could be rolled down in the evening?
    • Connie’s
      pokeysRVadventures June 3 Trailerlite's idea wouldn't cost much, roll it down in the evening and tie it down to keep it from blowing around.
    • Connie’s
      Dan&Jo June 4 Maybe something like this would help.
    • Connie’s
      RVHeather June 4 Maybe black out curtains you can fasten to the inside with Velcro?
    • Connie’s
      Clearlysuper June 12 If you go to a fabric store, you can probably find a fabric thick enough to use for blackout. You can then cut it to the size you need, hem it, then install. We used velcro in some areas, and existing curtain rods on others. You may be able to figure out ...  more
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      • Connie’s
        Habadabeer June 15 Any chance that the kiddos would use a sleep mask? That’s a lot smaller project than fabricating a trailer fix!😉
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